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 Here’s How it Works…

So you want to trade in your bike?

Great, let’s get started!

I want to trade it in directly through bicyclevalues.com for cash.

Fill out our short form and tell us about your bicycle. There’s no obligation to take our offer. Once you receive our offer you have three days to think it over before making a decision.

Trade-in at a bicyclevalues.com authorized partner shop for store credit.

Get the most from your trade-in.
Just ask your local bike shop to join bicyclevalues.com’s trade-in-program.

Very competitive pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What bikes qualify for our trade-in program?2018-01-30T21:25:24-05:00

We accept most bikes with an MSRP of greater than $800, and no older than 11 years old.

All bikes must be in good condition or better.

Who is responsible for boxing up the bike?2017-07-23T16:16:15-05:00

The bike shop is responsible for boxing up the bike after accepting a trade-in. If you are trading with us, our bike shop partners will box your bike at no charge. All you have to do is take the bike to them.

When will we receive payment when we trade-in with Bicyclevalues.com?2017-12-14T11:25:14-05:00

A check will be in the mail within 7 business days of receiving the bike.

How long is the trade-in offer valid?2017-06-29T04:09:06-05:00

Our offer is good for three days.

Who covers shipping?2017-06-28T03:23:29-05:00

Bicyclevalues.com always pays the shipping. We will send a prepaid shipping label.

What if the bike has worn out components?2017-12-08T00:34:55-05:00

The bike should be in good condition or better.

Is local pick up available?2017-12-07T22:47:08-05:00

Yes, in select cities – Dallas-Fort Worth – Houston, TX- Austin, TX – San Antonio, TX – Tallahassee, FL – Rochester, NY – We will be expanding this list as soon as possible.

How do I verify the MSRP on a specific bike?2017-06-28T03:41:09-05:00

You can use bikeradar.com, Singletracks.com, MTBR.com, roadbikereview.com or any other reputable bicycle website.

Can I Trade-in items besides bikes?2017-12-14T11:31:47-05:00

Yes, let us know what you have.

Giving Back to the Cycling Community
For every bicycle we receive through our trade-in program, we make a donation to one of the following nonprofit organizations:
DORBA, World Bicycle Relief, California Bicycle Coalition, Tour De Cure, IMBA, Vetbikes.

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