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“Research shows retail customers who use trade-in programs tend to upgrade their bike more often and spend more on new bikes because their out of pocket expense is greatly reduced.”

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Once a bicycle is received, we will reimburse the full trade-in value within seven business days.

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In select cities, you can enjoy added flexibility by choosing to either ship trade-ins to our warehouse or simply call a local BicycleValues.com representative and the bike will be picked up directly from your location.

Generous Bonus Program

For every 10 bicycles received we will issue $150 CASH bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

What bikes qualify for our trade-in program?2018-01-30T21:25:24-05:00

We accept most bikes with an MSRP of greater than $800, and no older than 11 years old.

All bikes must be in good condition or better.

How long is the trade-in offer valid?2017-06-29T04:10:34-05:00

Our offer is good for three days. This was set to encourage the customer to use the voucher sooner than later.

Who covers shipping?2017-06-28T03:23:29-05:00

Bicyclevalues.com always pays the shipping. We will send a prepaid shipping label.

What if the bike has worn out components?2017-12-08T00:34:55-05:00

The bike should be in good condition or better.

When will we be reimbursed for the trade-in value?2017-06-25T17:15:59-05:00

A check will be in the mail within 7 business days of receiving the bike.


Is local pick up available?2017-12-07T22:47:08-05:00

Yes, in select cities – Dallas-Fort Worth – Houston, TX- Austin, TX – San Antonio, TX – Tallahassee, FL – Rochester, NY – We will be expanding this list as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for boxing up the bike2017-06-27T21:16:14-05:00

The bike shop is responsible for boxing up the bike after accepting a trade-in.

What address do we ship the bike to once we take a trade-in?2017-06-25T17:03:36-05:00

Once you take a trade-in we will send you a prepaid shipping label for our warehouse in Grapevine, Texas.


Other than the bike, what does the customer need in order to trade in a bike?2017-07-23T17:08:06-05:00

Just A valid drivers license.

How do I verify the MSRP on a specific bike?2017-06-28T03:41:09-05:00

You can use bikeradar.com, Singletracks.com, MTBR.com, roadbikereview.com or any other reputable bicycle website.

When a customer brings in a bike what should I do first?2017-06-25T16:59:00-05:00

Do a thorough inspection of the bike. Make sure all components are in working order. Take a note of any defects, Scratches Dings or Dents.

Can I Trade-in items besides bikes?2017-12-14T11:31:47-05:00

Yes, let us know what you have.

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Condition Assessment

Like new condition – A bike with no signs of wear. May have been ridden 4 or 5 times for less than 100 miles. Braking surfaces will have little to no signs of usage. Decals and paint are in perfect condition. Bike will have no scratches, dings or dents and will need no reconditioning.

Excellent condition – A bike with a moderate amount of ride time. Frame and fork may have minor scratches or scuffs, and the chain may show minor chain slap. Decals may show minor signs of wear, but are not peeling and are still legible. All components work as designed and the saddle and tires should be in good condition.

Good condition – Has been well used and will need some items replaced, such as new tires, saddle or bar wrappings. Limited mechanical servicing may also be needed. The frame will appear well used, with more than a few scratches and the graphics may show cracking or peeling. Frame may have a couple of small dings but no dents.

Fair condition – Has been ridden extensively and shows significant signs of wear. The bike will have numerous scratches and possibly even a dent or two, but not in critical areas. Graphics are faded or peeling and the paint finish may be also. Components  and suspension may be worn to the point of needing replacement or rebuilding. Saddle and bar tape will need replacement.

Well loved condition – A bicycle which is heavily worn or any bike with cracked or broken major components.

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