Choose from the best brands of bikes

There are so many types of high performance bicycles available out there but not all are of the same quality. You should always go for the renowned brands if you are serious about becoming a biker. Here are some of the famous brands that have been around for a long time and provide high quality bicycles that are made for speed and endurance.

  1. Specialized Bike- The Specialized bike comes in many forms- the MTB or mountain bike, road bike, fitness bike and turbo bike. Each bike is unique and designed for a specific purpose. The MTB can be used for cross country racing, trail riding, downhill racing and dirt jumping. The Specialized bike is ergonomically designed and makes use of the best technology so that the biker is in full control of the bike at all times. Some of the features of specialized bike include brain suspension technology, turbo technology, FSR suspension and OHLINS shock technology.
  2. Trek bike- The Trek bike has been used by Lance Armstrong and is a favorite among bikers. All Trek bikes make use of the aero technology to make the bikes glide smoothly over any kind of surface. It is called the OCLV which stands for Optimum Compaction, Low Void. The full-carbon framed bicycles are meant to be the lightest in the world. Trek bikes are compatible with all kinds of terrains. These are known as hybrid bikes. Trek bikes can be used for off-road trials, road trails or mountain trails.
  3. Giant bikes- Giant bicycles are known for their innovative designs. There are performance, sport and lifestyle bikes available so that you can make the most of road biking. The off-road bikes are meant for adventure and work on all kinds of trails. The X-Road collection is made for cyclocross racing, gravel road racing and dirt jumping. They give you the best control in all conditions. The Giant bikes make use of Advanced-grade composite frames and seats. The hydraulic disc breaks and Giant CXR 1 Wheel System reduce the risk of injury.

All the three bike brands mentioned here are extensively used by professional bikers. You can browse through the wide range of bicycles that these brands offer and select the one that fits you best. We can help you to find used bicycles of these brands at low prices. If you want to sell your bike, we can help you to find the best deal – GUARANTEED!